LOOK AT RESPECT the nature og goodness in everything LOOK AT RESPECT the nature og goodness in everything

Notice the essential value of self, other people and your environment. Respect these above all else. yoggy, inc has cherished this concept from the beginning.

In this modern world, people are dealing with constant flux. Sometimes, we need to stop and listen to each others' inner voice.
We wish to share this value with as many people who listen to their inner voice. We share and support their effort to find their happiness.
We respect the essential goodness in everyone and everything, to create a better society and world.

This is our foundamental philosophy.


Look into the essence of beauty and respect it.
We all want to know our true self.
Through yoga, we wish as many people to take this journey and find their way to happiness.
We aspire to create a beautiful society filled with people who have discovered their own beauty.


Our founder was flying to move to New York September 11, 2001. Her flight was diverted to Alaska, and she would arrive to a New York seven days later devastated by the attack. Shops and restaurants were closed. People were distraught and afraid. People stopped visiting New York. It was a dark time. She discovered yoga at this time. The yoga studios in New York not only stayed opened, but went longer hours and held more cla sses, providing much needed solace and comfort to so many people. She saw in part how yoga and the LOHAS way of living helped to regenerate New York. New Yorkers found (=unity) through yoga. They experienced that all material things that have shape will break and fall asunder someday.
However, the inner core, the beauty we cannot see is always there. This is how our company was first conceived.

We value connection (=unity).

All of yoggy inc.'s staff is committed to this ideal.

Founded yoggy international, Inc. in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Opened our first studio in Harajuku. Started studio business.
Changed company name to LOHAS International, Inc.
Published books on Yoga and Pilates. Created and supervised creation of DVDs and books. Started content business. Also, started to host yoga teacher training courses. Later falling under the umbrella of the 'yoggy institute,'we now have more than 6,000 graduates.
Started 'yoggy sanctuary,' our original brand for mainly yoga wear. Also opened own online store named 'style yoggy' as a select shop.
Moved the headquarters to Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
Opened the flagship studio in Yuraku-cho, Tokyo.
Opened the flagship studio in West Japan area in Umeda, Osaka.
Opened 'yoggy institute main school' in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Changing our company name and relocating+H13 the head office.

yoggy inc.

February, 2004
EG building 7F, 3-3-2
Nakameguro Meguro-ku,
Tokyo Japan 153-0061

[US office]
236 Newark Avenue Unit 4
Jersey City, NJ 07302
10,000,000yen(as of 12/31/2021)
Chairman: Mamoru Taniya
Founder/CEO: Sawako Tayu
co-Founder/COO: Kei Shimizu
Boardmembers: Ron Tanno, Daisuke Yosumi
Auditor: Makoto Misu
Number of employees
270 (as of 12/31/2018)

yoggy inc, is a unique company who presents the total yoga culture based on the strong philosophy through many channels. Not only yoga and pilates, but also the way of how we work, we keep manifesting the 'Live Beautiful' lifestyle.

studio business
We cater three body work (exercise) programs which are yoga, pilates and beauty pelvis and they are taught by top level instructors in the studios throughout Japan.
school (training) business
We run instructor trainings for internationally recognized certifications in yoga and pilates as well as numbers of workshop and continue education programs.
retail service
Our goal is to create 'a gift which connects you and yoga' and we are offering sustainable, healthy, organic and stylish products in our select shop and EC store.We choose products which has its own beautiful stories behind that makes you feel as if you are near yoga even outside of studios. We are also a yoga clothing line which products are made in japan. We bring beauty in your life style.
contents business
We produce DVDs, books and app for yoga, pilates and beauty pelvis and we conduct Owned Media which offers health/beauty life style to all.
We had developed meditaion app 'sleepable yoga: easy meditation' for smart phones which has 2 million count downloads. We also published prenatal yoga book/DVD which has sold over 100.000 copies.
We also tie-up health conscious events, sampling and developing new priducts.
We dispatch our instructors for welfare programs and in company trainings to teach meditation for business scenes.
We also welcome corporate members to our studios for sampling promotions for them to experience benefits of yoga.